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Roofing Repair

Roofing Repair in Springfield, MO

The roof of your home protects your home in many ways. From providing a barrier against the elements, to insulation to keep your home temperature controlled, and an aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of your home.

Your roof provides so much for your home, but you probably don’t think twice about it until there is something wrong.

You may notice a small watermark on your ceiling, or a few stray shingles in your yard after a storm. You may be pulling out of your driveway and see what appears to be a buckle in your roof.

Or, maybe you are concerned about the integrity of your roof after a long, snowy winter or major storm. All these situations call for expert roofing repair.

When the time comes to call in the experts, look no further than our team of well qualified roofing professionals.

We are your go-to company for all things roofing in Springfield. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you and your family have a quality and stable roof over your heads.

Common Roof Repairs

Common roof repairs aren’t always obvious to homeowners. Afterall, how often do you find the occasion to claim on top of your roof? Even if you did, do you know what to look for?

Professional roof repair is the safest and most efficient way to address damages to your roof and get them fixed. Our team of roofers have been repairing roofs for years, we know exactly what to look for and how to best remedy it.

The most common reason why your roof may need repair is simply due to its age. Your roof suffers a lot of wear and tear by being exposed to the elements day in and day out for years.

Wind, sun, snow, rain and ice all take a major toll on your roof over the years. Shingles come loose, gutters back up, and some areas buckle from wear.

Additionally, your flashing is commonly damaged which leaves your roof exposed to water seepage in the most vulnerable spots, such as chimneys and vents.

The key to preventing serious damages to your roof, and your bank account, is regularly scheduled inspections and immediate repairs.

Signs That Your Roof is in Need of Repair

If you are experiencing a small leak in your roof, don’t assume that your entire roof will need to be replaced. With any luck, you will catch the leak in time so that a simple repair can be made.

We recommend that you schedule regular roof inspections and keep an eye out for the following signs that you need roof repair:

-Cracked, curled or missing shingles

-Shingle granules found in your gutters

-Wear and tear around chimneys and vents

-Sagging or drooping rafters

-Water stains on ceiling and/or walls

-Peeling paint on walls

All of the above can indicate that something is amiss with your roof and that it is likely in the need of professional repair.

Whether you are looking for routine roof repairs, or roof repair for insurance purposes when buying or selling your home, we have the knowledge and expertise to get it done right.

We properly locate, assess, and fix your roof’s problems before they progress to serious trouble.

Give us a call today for your free roof repair estimate!